Long time no see.

I was a little down.


I think this way is not easy.

long time no see. do you know? MAGDALENA begins to activation.

Well, what "not easy" it is the Name MAGDALENA. This is the biggest secret, but I am a stupid sometimes. Yes, I did not consider the competition in the google search rank. In terms of my ability, the journey in order to get the MAGDALENA from here.

Finish and NEXT

And, considering a sale to other countries.
However, I want you to rely on a site of this kind for a while.

And, The next

Japanese love the modest design....

the Dawn will comes.

The pride that people gave to me once, is here now.
MAGDALENA is upward-compatible with the BjD. ;p

Always, we want our selves.

it's not Something. maybe. ;p

Well, maybe I'm a Professional of self-absorbed. if it is so, it's good.

Gimme your help<3

Jewelry box and Ashtray

I feel reality as has been similar to Second Life by the 3D printer. Has become easy to move for me, but I thought-provoking. Stop talking is difficult, my jewelry box and ashtray.

Indeed, this is BjD. but, not enough. I made this in the 2nd them. In a nutshell, I now have blurring like a zombie.

Yeah, good work. This would be appropriate to call the Second generation. Really fantastic. If when matched, we would have worked together. Alternatively, please learn the alter ego. I want you in the platoon scale. lol


Work #04 finished.

Good work, I fall in love to my sense.
Brass is a nice material in me.

But, Exports to other countries is not possible yet.
If it will be possible, then it is very fantastic. To be learned is often me.

日本人なら、Demons(旧BjD支持者)なら「取り合えず買っておけ」と言う出来に仕上がりました。いや、素で言える場って素晴らしいですね?(笑) 恐らく、非常に感慨深い買い物に成ると思います。 装いとして考えれば用いれるシーンは限られてしまう物の、鑑賞物としての存在価値は小さくない出来です。 少しでも琴線に触れ得る方にとっては、「宝物」と云う観念を思い出させるでしょう。

and, next works!

Well,,,about BjD, I forgot to maintain and Relosted BjD. lol


Like a finish?

Long time no see. Are you doing well? Of course, I hope so.
Okay, So my recent report.

This ring reflected yellow、It is due to the immature my shooting skills.
And, Next ring. In Progress.


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